As an employer, you are exposed to the consequences of employee mobile device use when they are driving on company time or in a company vehicle. Making phone calls, texting, emailing and/or using any device application when vehicles are in motion exponentially increases the likelihood of an at fault vehicle crash. The resulting increase in the frequency and severity of distracted driving crashes places negligence and vicarious liability exposure on the employer. Cellcontrol eliminates the risk.

Prevent Distracted Driving

Our award-winning technology eliminates the temptation to talk, text, email and surf the web while driving.

Optimize Driver Performance

Gathers employee driving performance metrics. Driver Performance data and metrics are used to determine area of individual and/or group improvement and results in reducing vehicle operating costs.

Drive Policy Compliance

Turns your paper-based informal mobile phone use policy into a concrete standard. Enforcing adoption & compliance with safe, legal use of mobile devices while vehicle is in motion.

Employers face the risk of negligence when employees use mobile devices when they are behind the wheel. We eliminate inappropriate interactions with a mobile device when employees are driving. The ability to text while driving, read or post to Facebook or Twitter, take a selfie, play a game, SnapChat or other interaction is limited to your defined policy of what can or cannot be done with a mobile device when the vehicle is in motion. Cellcontrol has several platform configuration options for employers including the ability to customize “policy-zones” – allowing passengers the freedom to use mobile technology, while the driver-zone is protected.

Mobile device policy enforcement technology has been recognized by the Consumer Reports, the Consumer Electronics Show and the National Traffic Safety Institute, and is used by families and Fortune 500 companies.

Cellcontrol DriveProtect gives employers the power to set up a company policy for locations, groups, people, and/or vehicles. The flexible policy configurator determines what mobile device features/functions are available when a vehicle is in motion. Policies can range from simply auditing any use of mobile devices to complete policy enforced “lock down” (access to 911 always available).

Cellcontrol’s policy enforcement technology gives companies the piece of mind that employees are in complete compliance with mobile device use when vehicles are moving. Cellcontrol is tamper resistant, eliminates the ability to disable the system, broadcasts via text, and/or email management alerts on any attempt to disable or circumvent. Optionally, Cellcontrol can deliver alerts and reporting related to driver performance in excessive speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking and inappropriate phone usage categories.

Cellcontrol supports ALL Android, Apple, BlackBerry (up to v10), Windows 5 & 6, and a number of BREW phones (non-smart phones).

Note: We offer the first and only true distracted driving solution that defers text, email and inappropriate use of Apple’s iPhone when a vehicle is in motion.